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ZaZiBar: Introduction To Bartending

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Welcome to the ZaZiBar Bartender Certification! As a new member of the ZaZiBar family in the heart of Boston Seaport, you're about to embark on a unique journey that merges the past, present, and future of bartending. This course isn’t just about mixing drinks—it’s about becoming a part of a timeless tradition. From the rich history of cocktail crafting to the innovative techniques of today's mixology, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of your role as a bartender at ZaZiBar. Course Objectives: This course is intended to leave you with a working understanding of the following topics: Historical Context Behind Bartending Mixology Fundamentals Introduction To Techniques The ZaZiBar Drink Menu Modules: Introduction Modern Mixology & The Cocktail Renaissance: A Brief History of Bartending. Essential Equipage: Tools and Glassware for the Modern Bartender. Alchemy of Alcohol: Basics of Spirits, Liqueurs, and Other Ingredients. Cocktail Craftsmanship: Building, Mixing, and Garnishing Techniques. ZaZiBar Signature Sips: Our House Specials and How to Make Them. Conclusion: Receiving The ZaZiBar Digital Certificate By the end of the ZaZiBar Bartender Certification, you will have the base level knowledge and skills to start bartending, but you will also carry forward the ZaZ legacy of excellence.

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